Meadow Lodge Shoot with Matchstick Productions

For those of you who have been following me on twitter and facebook, you may have noticed that I dropped off the radar for most of the month of January. No, I wasn’t slacking off, ditching work or starting a new career as a professional bull rider. I was deep in the backcountry of British Columbia on a shoot for Powder Magazine. The location for this shoot was Meadow and Vista Lodges, a part of the incredible backcountry hut network operated by Golden Alpine Holidays. With athletes Mark Abma and Eric Hjorleifson, and the crew from Matchstick Productions, we spent a total of 16 days deep in the backcountry of Rogers Pass.
This trip was a HUGE departure from most ski shoots that I’ve taken part in. Usually we rely heavily on helicoptors, snowmobiles and other exhaust belching forms of transportation to access terrain in the backcountry. However, on this trip, we were self powered. Once dropped off at the lodge, we were on our own. No electricity, no phone, no internet, no running water… you get the point. All transportation was human powered. That’s right, bootpacking and skinning were our only forms of transport. It gave the entire trip an entirely different vibe and made for a different experience from every other trip I’ve ever been on.
I’ll let you decide for yourself. I’m mid-way editing the photos from the trip right now, and once they have been released from Powder Magazine, I’ll be posting a gallery of the best images from the trip. In the meantime, enjoy the above image from my iPhone… the only time I was able to use it for 3 weeks. It’s a shot from the porch of the lodge. Beautiful terrain. I can’t wait to go back.
Stay tuned. I’ll be uploading those images ASAP. Until then… enjoy!
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