Meadow Lodge Shoot with Matchstick Productions and Powder Magazine: Part II

This is a short video that we just put together from the January shoot at Meadow Lodge, BC with Matchstick Productions and Powder Magazine. It’s best to watch in full screen mode if you haven’t watched it already… you’ll be able to see the skier better on some of the more distant shots. In it are athletes Mark Abma (blue coat) and Erik Hjorleifson (orange coat) as well as cinematographers Murray Weiss and Dustin Lindgren (you can hear their voices in the background).

I’m constantly asked by friends, colleagues and other photographers as to what goes into creating the images I shoot. This video is a small attempt at showing some of what goes on behind the scenes of a ski shoot. More than anything, it’s a look at the actual lines being skied (in real time) and the resulting photos that turn out. I’m not including any music in the edit. Instead, I prefer the raw sounds of everything going on around the camera.
And something to keep in mind about this particular shoot, everything skied here was accessed on skins. No helicoptors or snowmobiles here. As a result, every line skied took at least an hour to get on top of. Logistically, it makes for long days of shooting with lots of time spent wallowing through knee deep snow.
This video is very humble. It was shot on my Canon G9 point and shoot. Being deep in the backcountry, without an assistant, I was forced to make do with what I had on me to even create this. I used a 6″ collapsable Manfrotto tripod to hold the camera while I was busy shooting stills. Someday I would love to lug a second camera and an assistant along with me to really document all that goes into a shoot like this. But unfortunately, that’ll have to wait for another trip. Stay tuned though… it’s on my hit list.
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