First Post: Images from last years Warren Miller Shoot

This is my first post to the blog, so bare with me a little bit on this one… I’m still learning how this whole “internet/ world wide web” thing works.

Regardless of my technology shortcomings, below is a link to some of the images I shot for Warren Miller Entertainment this past March at Crystal Mountain, Washington. The images are part of their marketing collateral for their upcoming movie “Dynasty”.
I was honored to shoot for Warren Miller this past year. I’d grown up watching Warren Miller movies from an early age. I can remember going to the annual shows with my parents and getting stoked about the impending winter after watching people fall clumsily off of chair lifts. On top of that, I was getting to shoot on my home turf of Crystal Mountain.
Follow the link and it will take you to the Warren Miller Entertainment media gallery where you can see photos from the shoot.
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